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The Masters

Alexander Kim


Born : Seoul, Korea in 1971

Year Moved to USA : 1983

TKD Level Obtained : 5th degree black belt

Studied TKD in : Korea and U.S.

Age Starting TKD at : 5

TKD Thoughts :
TaekwonDo is the very best exercise for mind and body.

Why teach TKD :
"My Dad is a 9th degree Judo master and was president of Judo association of America.  I guess I just wanted to be like Dad."

Sammy Lim


Born : Seoul Korea in 1976

Year Moved to USA : 2002

TKD Level Obtained : 6th degree black belt

Studied TKD in : Korea

Age Starting TKD : 5

TKD Thoughts :

Why Teach TKD :
"Get to merge two great loves... TKD and living the American dream."

Min Park


Born : Seoul Korea 1974

Year Moved to USA : 1980

TKD Level Obtained : 4th degree black belt

Studied TKD in : USA

Age Starting TKD : 6

TKD Thoughts :
Being in business I should be able to talk us up more but I’ve never been a big talk guy.

Why Teach TKD :
I’d much rather work with kids then sit in an office.  I don’t wear a uniform because I don’t teach on a daily basis.


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