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Student Home Rules

Kids Only

  1. Phoenix students must always respect their parents and other family members, Sir!!
  2. Phoenix students must talk with their parents every day, Sir !!
  3. Phoenix students shall be honest at all times, Sir!!
  4. Phoenix students will maintain a good relationship with their brother and sister, Sir!!
  5. Phoenix students will share household responsibilities, Sir!!
  6. Phoenix students must keep their own room neat and clean, Sir!!
  7. Phoenix students must keep their body clean every day, Sir!!
  8. Phoenix students will not interrupt during conversation, they will listen to others and take turn, Sir!!
  9. Phoenix students will study well both at school and home, Sir!!
  10. Phoenix students must show respect for all people, Sir!!



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  • On November 2, 2015 our new location will be at:
  • Phoenix Taekwondo
  • 20700 Loudoun County Pkwy #164
  • Ashburn, VA 20147
  • Tel: 703.858.3998
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